Annual Parents’ Day

The most SPECIAL and IMPORTANT day that comes once in a year is Annual Parents Day 2079, was organized by Adhyayan School with great enthusiasm. So many surprises awaited parents at APF, Hallchowk. Our parents must’ve been so happy to see us in different attires performing under the light. We had to reach school at 8:00 – 8:45 and  when everyone was there vans took us to APF,Hallchowk. When we reached there the arrangements were already going on. After parents arrived  the program had begun with the principal’s welcoming speech, and the most important to start any program was the NATIONAL ANTHEM and our school song. First the preschoolers had their dance performance which was awesome and all the parents enjoyed it a lot then grade one’s performance was up so grade one had to get ready and they had their dance they were dancing so gracefully since they had practiced with endless effort.

At 11:30 our lunch was provided and the food was another amazing part of the day. After the food the other grades were also having their performances singing, dancing, drama and more and after some time like half its our turn,  so all of us rushed in the dressing room and the dresses were provided by the school so we got ready wearing dresses and we wore the ornaments. Then we had to go backstage and the host announced our performance. We hoped the parents enjoyed watching it like we enjoyed dancing.

The  other grades’ performances were going on and it was almost the end of the program. Our school had also organized a fashion show where I had also got selected. The theme was ‘occupation’ where I presented myself as a veterinary doctor. It was an awesome experience since it has always been my dream to become a model and participate in fashion ramp walks. Grade six girls’ performance on the song ‘16 shots’ where I was also a participant was a ‘blast at the last’. The overall experience of the Annual Parents Day was truly amazing and wonderful for us and the parents as well.

-Norah Johnson Khadka, Grade 6

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