Is Competition Really Beneficial?

Is Competition Really Beneficial? 

Competition is a state where you go against other competitors to bring out your own good. Obviously, there are healthy ones and the ones that could really affect one’s ideal state of mind. Debating whether competition is really beneficial or not has been a huge argument over a long period of time. 

Now here’s my view on it. Yes; In my opinion, competition is rather beneficial but it depends on what the competition is about. Let’s say it’s a sports competition (having running races, basketball matches, bowling, etc.) It is obviously very advantageous as it is held to improve our physical strength, flexibility, physical health, and more. The government has adopted these kinds of competitions for the citizens’ greater good. But what about fighting competitions like boxing, wrestling, etc.? It may have its own advantages like building up strength but I think this is a very bad type of competition. It only leads up to someone getting badly injured. As you see, it’s a very harmful and useless competition. Competitions teach people to depend upon themselves. That’s a good thing but that also leads to teaching people how to go against each other until victory reaches them\ they reach victory. Even if it is also somehow good in its own way, I think teaching people about working with each other to fix this horrible world full of selfish competitors is better. But either way, I still think that some competitions deserve to stay present in our surroundings. 

Thank you for reading my essay. 

-Shreesha Nakarmi 

Grade 5


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