Body Positivity

Body Positivity for Teenagers

Most of the teenagers, mainly in this generation, aren’t completely happy with their bodies. Am I looking good? Is my body looking too fat or skinny, is my nose looking a bit too big, is my eyes looking normal, all these things go on your minds. All these thoughts mostly come from social media, seeing all those perfect people in the photos, everything you see in social media isn’t always true. Everybody has insecurities, even adults do. There’s a list of things that you can hate in your body but why hate it? You never have a reason to. All of the people in social media have perfect bodies but who knows if it’s edited or either it’s makeup or photoshopped nobody knows. We all have different bodies and faces, not all people have pointy noses, different eyes, or small lips, people are different. Some people are doing plastic surgeries to look like somebody else, you don’t have to look like somebody to look pretty. Once, k-pop idol Hwasa from Mamamoo said if you can’t match the beauty standards of today’s world, make your own.

Have you ever seen a girl and thought “she’s so pretty” but the same girl might have thousands of imperfections. This world goes after attractive people ‘only’ the people who are different and completely unnoticed. These models and actors who’re the cover of beauty magazines, why won’t it be me? Well it’ll never be you’ll be you they’ll be they so leave it. If you can’t look like them, then look like you. When you think you’re ugly, somebody else might find you pretty. Why can’t this world accept that people are different? Why make people insecure just because you are, let them be them, maybe compliment them, it’ll at least make their day trust me it’s better than ruining it. I only have one wish because we’re already here, nearly to the end. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and dance about how different and beautiful you are and the fact that nobody else can be you, well unless you have a twin. Who cares about what people would think, they just have uneducated minds to find you unattractive, I mean look at you! You’re mesmerizing! So just live your life when you’re alive.

Avani Rajbhandary

Grade 6

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