Game Fair by Interact Club

The members of the Interact Club of Adhyayan School have been doing their best to move forward on the activities. So, to raise the fund, instead of just asking for donations, we, the interactors with the help of our mentor conducted a small game fair.

It was held on 9th of December, 2019. There were 6 different games in total among which, 4 games were for juniors as well as seniors and 2 games were added only for the seniors. The prices for the tickets were Rs.10-15 per game.

The games were:

  1. Mega Bubble
  2. Hit the glass
  3. Flip the bottle
  4. Ring game
  5. Shoot the ball
  6. Arranging the cup

We collected a good amount, which can be used for our future plans and the activities that would help in the welfare of our school and our community. We are holding a meeting next week to plan about the activity that we are deciding to do before the winter vacation.

The program was also an entertainment and a kind of refresher for the students as well as our teachers to help them relieve their stress which is caused from their busy schedule. The program was a success and we think we achieved what we aimed for. This will keep us motivated and help us to keep moving forward with the same kind of enthusiasm in our activities.

Shruti Gurung


Interact Club of Adhyayan School


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