DTech Exhibition as a Volunteer

Excitement was in the air on a bright Saturday as the DTech Exhibition unfolded, drawing excitement and enthusiasm from participants and onlookers. Out of the busy stalls and colorful displays, one particular stall stood out – the games stall hosted by the Adhyayan Child Club. As a volunteer, I spent the entire day at this stall surrounded by laughter and an array of action.

Parents and children could enjoy a range of entertaining activities at the games stall. However, the game that seemed to draw the most attention was Water Shoot. Situated at the Kids Playground, the water shoot game drew players with its vibrant design and promise of an enjoyable and competitive environment. In this stall, each participant received three shots per bottle, and five balls were totaled to be placed on top of five bottles. The goal was straightforward yet exciting: eliminate as many balls as you can in the allotted shots. There was excitement in the air as the players waited for their turn.

I had the honor of monitoring the game as a volunteer, making sure everyone played fairly and encouraging the players. Seeing the happiness and excitement that radiated from both children and adults as they immersed themselves in the spirited competition. The Games Stall was busy all day, bringing in an increasing number of people keen to try their abilities and take home thrilling prizes. The hours passed quickly as memories were made. After every round, the gifts were waiting for the winners building up their excitement. The winners were rewarded with everything from delicious chocolates to small gestures of appreciation leaving them with treasured memories from their time in this DTech Exhibition.

-Kritika Upadhyay

Grade: IX

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