Counseling session held at Adhyayan

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A counseling session was held at Adhyayan School on Thursday and Tuesday to help students understand the concepts of empathy and inclusion. Mrs. Anjana, a warm and compassionate woman, facilitated the session. She gave everyone a short introduction of herself and everyone learned that she was a professional Counselor & a psychology lecturer. After her introduction, it was the students’ turn to introduce themselves and their hobbies. After that before starting the session to bring out positivity in everyone, she guided them into a meditation session where they performed the deep breathing technique. 

She also wrote some ground rules & made a strict rule of “Respecting everyone’s point of view. Getting more towards the session she conducted a group activity where she divided the students into groups of fours. She gave the groups a topic” Inclusion & empathy” and told them to draw a picture that represents these words. Every group had a chance to explain their art & story which was beautifully done by all. 

In the next session which was held on Tuesday, she discussed ”empathy and inclusion” deeply. She also explained to the students about being left out which is more commonly experienced. There were many different views, opinions, and responses that some people didn’t agree with but again everyone had to respect each other’s view. After the session, everyone was aware of the causes and consequences of being left out.

Counseling is the opportunity for clients to talk to a counselor about their problems and feelings in a confidential environment. Schools need to hire counselors and provide counseling to students.

Sanwi Pradhan, IX

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