Dear parents   


The student that I am today was all for you

But still you say there’s more I need to do

My friends say their parents praise me

But all I need is YOUR praising              

I make poems and stories I’m good at art

I do sports and I think I’m kinda smart 

I’m good at speaking, my memory is fine

I just want you to be loving parents of mine

I play basketball, football, skating, hula hoops

Chess, ludo, snake and ladders I lost count, oops!

They say I’m multi-talented so what more could you want more?

Wait, I feel like I’ve been here before.

Of course, All my life I wanted to be worth

Something valuable ever since birth

Be very loved and make a change in the earth 

Even if I was your first child or your fourth 

So dear parents, please dont ignore

My desperation for wanting more

I’m just like you always wanting a lot

More than what we had always got

I’m trying my best to make you proud

Can’t you hear it, is it not loud enough?

From you I want love, I want praises

Then I will never forget those dear phrases.

-Shreesha Nakarmi

Grade 6

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