Laxmi Puja and Bhaitika

We celebrated sports day in school and after this grand event, we got Tihar holidays. Tihar is a very special festival. It is celebrated for five days and among these five days, I like Laxmi Puja and Bhai Tika the most. I would like to share about different activities that I did during these two days through my short journal.

We cleaned our house and decorated it with marigold flowers and colorful lights. We all started the work in the morning. All the members of my family were helping each other in the evening. We prepared and decorated our Puja room. We prayed to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. We lighted lots of oil lamps. We worshiped and prayed by offering flowers and sweets to Goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesh. After prayers, we ate sweets. We also lit the firecrackers on the terrace by following safety rules. We had lots of enjoyment.

Bhai Tika

We woke up early in the morning and took a bath. After that, we had our breakfast except for my mother and sister. My mother had made lots of snacks and food. My mother helped me and my sister put on new clothes. We also prepared all the tika and sweets for Bhai tika. When everything was ready my sister put a tika on my forehead and put a garland made out of marigold around my neck. She also fed me some sweets and curd. After this, we all had our lunch and had lots of enjoyment.

Denzel Dandul Gurung       

Grade- 2 “A”


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