Adolescence…a difficult phase to deal with!

I had questions. Questions for myself. What is happening? Everybody told me I had changed. You are not the same anymore. What happened? These questions were bothering me. I wanted to know the answers so badly, but deep inside I had a feeling that nobody knew the answers and only I was wrong.

On June 11, 2023 a professional and experienced psychosocial counselor, Ms.Pappi Devi Regmi, came to our school. She had a counseling session with us. The session answered all my questions. The questions I thought I would never get the answers to were all answered. In the session, she talked about adolescence, the hellish phase that everyone goes through. This is the phase when your body starts to change physically and mentally.

We were in a dilemma regarding why teenage is such a difficult phase to deal with for all of us. She then clarified that infatuation, distractions, and curiosity towards change were the results of the hormonal changes in our body, which could be tackled with strong willpower. She talked about the change that happens socially and how it affects us mentally. She talked freely about what was happening in our bodies.

The way she explained all the minor and major details so flawlessly made my jaw drop to the floor. The session taught me many things that I never thought I would learn . It was truly an amazing and educational experience. We are really glad that she was able to give such a wonderful lesson. Not just our counselor, but I would like to thank the school and our teachers for giving us such opportunities to learn and innovate.

Manila Poudel

Grade 8

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