A Visit to Chitlang

On 11th of Magh 2075, grade7 and 8 went for an over night trip to Chitlang. It is a small paradise about 22 kilometers south of Kathmandu Valley. Picturesque beauty of Chitlang offers peaceful day in the nature and wonderful landscape which provides freshness along with some glimpses of historical importance and the hills surrounded by all side has made a typical Nepali village. It was very perfect place to stay and get the snapshots. The students had a lot of fun which included different indoor and outdoor games. The camp fire in the cold weather added their excitement and made this trip a memorable one. The students received the opportunity to visit Chitlang’s famous goat farm and a cheese factory.  Kulekhani dam water reservoir adds extra charm to the area. The students were energized when taken to Shivalaya, Saatdhara, an ancient temple .The students gathered a lot of knowledge and experience from the trip and seemed content.

Prashamsa Nepal

Grade: 9

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