A trip to Bandipur

This report describes the adventurous events that grade IX and X students had during their trip to Bandipur .Its aim was to get the students acquainted with the socio-economic, geographical and historical aspect of the hill station, Bandipur where the students worked closely on the subject matter developing the team spirit and coordination.

Adhyayan School is special and unique in its own way as it not only focuses in house curriculum but also emphasizes that the learning should have no boundaries. Therefore the trip was organized in order to explore the horizon of students’ learning. Through this trip the students received the opportunity to get constantly involved in thinking and analyzing their academic curriculum with the real life issues. It also opened a gateway to the students and helped them develop unique and individual perspective in line with the world’s view. The trip topics were carefully and diligently chosen and ranged from diverse fields and subjects relating to study of environment, ecology, cooperation, culture and history.

Priya Shrestha

Grade: 9

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