A hike to Tarkeshwor!

Hiking is an activity of moderate difficulty that involves walking across long distances, generally on trails or paths. The duration of the activity varies between short half-day programs and longer itineraries of over 20 days. It is usually an activity that allows groups of different sizes.

Our school decided to take students from grades 8, 9, and 10 on a hike to Shivapuri. We began our day by getting to school at 7:30. Once everyone was there, our coordinator told us about the place, and at 7:45, we got on the bus to start our journey. On the bus, we had fun dancing and enjoying the scenic view as we headed towards the hills. After 30 minutes, we reached our hiking spot. We got off the bus, and our teacher told us to buy anything we needed. After getting some stuff, our hike began.

Our teacher’s friend couldn’t make it, so we became her friends for the day. During the hike, we saw the longest stairs, and we were surprised. Our teacher looked shocked too. Climbing up, everyone got tired, but we reached a beautiful temple where we felt blessed. We took off our shoes, washed our legs, and went inside to worship the goddess. After clicking some pictures with friends, we continued our walk and reached Shivapuri National Park, which was very beautiful.

While walking, we encountered a drunken man who added adventure to our hike as we became scared and had some topics to talk about and laugh about.  We reached another temple with small stairs, and it was as beautiful as the first one. We walked more and reached a picnic spot, where we sat down to eat together. After that, as we were about to walk, my friend Akshyata fell, and we all laughed while helping her stand up. Finally, we headed back to our bus. Even on the bus, it was a lot of fun—talking, singing, and dancing. When we reached school, we went home happily.

As a new student, this was my first time going hiking from Adhyayan school with my new friends, and I had so much fun and loved it.

Kritisa Khanal

Grade 8

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