Trip to Godawari

Trip to Godawari

Well, We learners of grade 3 went on a short trip to godawari last Monday, November 28. In Godawari, we saw some tall trees when we were going inside. We went to some places with a lot of beautiful plants and flowers. We all felt hungry so we all decided to eat lunch. We shared each other’s food and it was so delicious.

We went to some new places with a lot of different types of plants like bonsai, cactus, flowering/non flowering plants, water plants and there were poisonous plants too. We went to a place to find the names of the flowers like marigold, dahlia, roses, pansy and other flowers. We had seen and learned about these plants in school. I was overjoyed to see these plants in real. They all looked so fresh and beautiful. We saw a small river. We crossed the river by a narrow plank bridge. We saw a place with a beautiful fountain in the middle of the garden. We learned about the different types of plants. There were many plants which I had never seen before. We learned that we need to conserve these plants. We found  a big pond near Godawari Botanical Garden and we sat there for a moment and enjoyed the beauty of the garden.  We ate our snacks because we were hungry. It was a beautiful moment. I am glad our school takes us to such educational trips as we can gather a great deal of knowledge and have fun as well . 

Avash Adhikari 

Grade 3 B 

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