Trip to Bungmati

We the students of Grade III, IV and V visited Bungmati on 21st September, 2018. We visited Disable Service Association. In the beginning, an officer at the Association explained us about the organization and its various aspects like: purpose, difficulties, the nature of children with disabilities and the way of imparting education to them. We loved the pictures that they made. We had collected some fund from the school family and handed over to the officer. Then, we visited Karyabinayak Temple. We observed the temple, beautiful scenes and the village life during our visit. Finally, we observed Matsyendra (Macchindra) Bahal where Bhoto of Matsyendranath – a rain god – is kept for six months. The main objective of our visit was to explore how these organizations cater to the changing societal needs. The trip also gave us the opportunity to have a close view on our mosaic cultures and traditions.

-Ankita Rana /Palsang Gurung, Grade V

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