Among all the festivals celebrated in Nepal, teej is the most famous festival celebrated enthusiastically by Nepalese women regardless of their caste, creed and culture. As per the mythology of Hindu, goddess Parvati was accepted by Lord Shiva as his wife in her 108th birth, which means goddess Parvati has to take birth for 108 times and keep unsparing fast in all her life before being granted to be Shiva’s wife by lord Shiva. Believing in this story Nepali women keep fasting on the day of teej.

“Teej” literally is red army of ants that comes out of the soil during rainy season. During the month of Teej, the women both married and unmarried assemble for the Teej songs and dances, wear red saris and jewelries and visit their friends and relative’s house for celebration that is called “Darr”. After all this, the grand feast takes place. The jollity often goes on till midnight, after which the 24 hours fast starts.
On the day of teej, women take a whole day fast, some stay without a morsel of food and drop of water while others take liquid and fruit. On this day, women wear res sari and jewelry and visit a nearby temple of lord Shiva.
Women do all this thing for the long and conjugal life of husband as well as happy and peaceful relation in the family. No wonder, Teej is full of celebration and fun and it is ended with the next day prayer “Rishi Panchami.”

Sonam Singh

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