Spelling Bee and My Experience

Despite the Pandemic, Adhyayan School keeps conducting various extra activities to boost and explore our hidden talents. One such event was the Spelling Bee that was held on the 4th of July, 2021 (Sunday). Spelling Bee is a contest where students are supposed to spell and pronounce the words the teacher has given them accurately. . If they spell the correct letters, they pass but if they don’t, a point is lost. Our English Teacher, Miss Farzana Wasim, had posted the wordlist and the Spelling Bee rules in the classroom beforehand so that we could get prepared. 

First, she conducted the Selection Round as they could not let around 30 students compete with 30 others. They had to select the best students. I prepared well but got nervous when it was my turn. Not only was I nervous, but I was also very doubtful of myself. I thought that maybe if I didn’t get selected, my parents would be so disappointed in me. What if the teachers had expected more from me? But I reminded myself “No, the teachers in Adhyayan are not like that. They help us to grow even more intelligent. They will not judge and will instead motivate us.” And there it came, my turn. I was shaking but I tried to keep calm. My dear teacher’s beautiful voice helped me calm down. I wrote down the answers and spelled them out. After, everything was over. 

Sadly, I did not get selected because I got one word wrong but no one said anything and my parents told me that there’s always the next time. I also learned a valuable lesson to prepare well and not to estimate my classmates. I was happy for my friends who won and decided that I would be the one competing in the final round with students of other classes with my hard work and dedication.

Shreesha Nakarmi (Grade V)

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