Safety on the slide

Slides are super fun to play on! You can find them at school playgrounds and fun parks. People of all ages enjoy sliding down them – kids love it, and adults often remember about their own childhood fun.

However, it’s important to stay safe when using slides. If a slide is made of metal, we should check  to make sure it’s not too hot from the sun, as it could burn us when we slide down. We should also be careful about the surfaces of the slide, especially if they’ve been in the sun for a while, as they can get hot. 

When playing on slides, there are some rules to follow. 

  • We shouldn’t climb up the sliding board itself to get to the top- there are usually stairs or ladders for that. 
  • When sliding down, we should always go feet first and sit , never head first , on our back, or stomach. 
  • We should take turns up the stairs and sliding down, and only one child should be on the slide at a time. It’s best to avoid sliding down in groups.
  •  Before sliding, we should also check the base of the slide to make sure there are no rocks, sticks, toys , glas,s or other children in the way. These things make it unsafe for someone to land at the bottom.

So, while slides are tons of fun, it’s important to remember these safety precautions to ensure everyone has a good time! 

Avnesh Man Tuladhar  

Grade: 4B

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