Public Speaking Competition

Adhyayan school always conducts different competitions on different occasions to help us explore our hidden talents. A public Speaking Competition was held recently and we had the opportunity to give the speeches that we prepared. Students from second to ninth grade participated in this contest. 

This competition took place on September 20, 2021. The topics provided to us  were “Is There Value in Homework?” and “Life was Better when Technology was More Simple”.  The hosts were also chosen from the students. We had 4 minutes to give the speech. We all did our best. Let me now tell you about my personal experience.

 I received the news that our school is holding a speech competition. I really wanted to participate in the competition. I prepared a speech on both topics that were given, got help from my parents and online resources so I could do my best. On the day of the contest, I was very nervous. I was stressed because I thought my speech wasn’t going to be good enough. I got the topic, “Life was better when Technology was More Simple,” which was exactly the one that I was hoping for. I was really scared but I did my best. I was satisfied with the way I presented my speech and I really prayed that I would be able to grab a position. And my prayers were answered. I was ranked 3rd! 

I was super happy and shared this good news with my parents who were proud of my achievement. Above that, I was glad to have this wonderful opportunity to share my opinion and hear other students speak so well.  Their opinions were quite different and opposite too but they had a point in their views. This was a really fun experience for me. I enjoyed hearing other people’s opinions and what they had to say. This event gave us the opportunity to broaden our horizons of knowledge and encouraged us to reflect on the topics. I want to thank Adhyayan management for providing this event.

– Kritika Upadhaya (Grade VII)

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