Our Trip to Zoo

We went to Central Zoo with my friends and teachers on 25th May, 2018. Our school bus started at 10.00. We reached to the Zoo at 10.48. It took 48 minutes.  The Zoo lies towards the south from our school. It is situated at Jawalakhel. We got tickets and entered to the Zoo.

In the beginning we saw a crocodile. When we moved forward there was a deer. We observed many animals like tiger, elephant, rhino, cobra, python, ostrich, birds and fishes. The tiger was big and attractive. The chimpanzees were jumping from one bar to other bar. There were many colorful fishes.

We also observed the behaviors of the birds, and animals. It was hot. We resided some time under a tree and had our launch.

Finally, we played swing, slides, and see-saw. It was fun to play. The trip was also important for our learning!

  • BinishaPoudel/Sushant Basyal, Grade 4
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