Night Sky Observation Event

On 5th October 2018, Science Department of Adhyayan School organised ‘Night Sky Observation.’ The students from Grade IV to X received an opportunity of observing the astronomical bodies that were visible during night.
The event was followed by a workshop on Stellarium which is a free open source planetarium. It is used to simulate the sky in real time. Students enjoyed by locating and identifying different stars, planets and constellation using Sky Maps and Telescope.
After the workshop session, everyone gathered in the school ground and viewed planets turn by turn. They used Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ telescope. The first planet that was shown to the students was Jupiter followed by Saturn and Mars. They witnessed the biggest planets of our Solar System, Jupiter, with its Galilean Moons. All students were fascinated by the rings of Saturn and red planet Mars. Such a practical event has contributed to our clearer vision about solar system. It has also en-kindled our curiosity to know more about the universe.
– By Aaryan Karki, Grade X

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