Impacts of Technology on Today’s Society

There are many impacts of technology in today’s society, some are good and some are bad. The good impact of technology in today’s society are use of different apps that we use for learning. We can use some apps for learning different languages and making AI-generated pictures, essays, text, and many more. Some apps are used for researching unknown questions like Google. We can also watch different kinds of videos through these apps. Technologies have also made our work easier these days. The work which took long hours can be done in a short period. Traveling has also become easier and faster due to technology. Many people are getting job opportunities due to this. 

As we all know everything has its good and bad effects, and so does technology. It might have a bad impact if we do not utilize it properly. Although technology has made our lives easier it has also pushed us to the era of risk. We can see many people around the world misusing technology like scamming, hacking, leaking personal information, stealing data, and even uploading inappropriate videos and photos which directly affect our lives. Even young children are being hugely affected by it. They are playing online games, watching videos, and paying less attention to their studies. Technology has also created the distance between family members and friends, especially during the time of gathering. People get busy with their mobile phones during such events as well. 

Of course, we learn different skills from the use of technology and even come in contact with friends and family; it might enhance our communication abilities, broaden our knowledge through access to vast information resources, and facilitate collaboration with others on various projects and endeavors.

Intel Sapkota

Grade- 6

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