Hack- Ed

Leapfrog and the term hackathon were something I heard about but was not familiar with. When it was announced that Grade 6 would be working on a hack-ed project this year, I was puzzled and anxious. All I knew was that I was getting a golden opportunity to learn something new and interesting. Besides that, I knew that it was all about technology. When we went to LeapFrog, we were introduced to our mentors. They were: Sayomi didi, Ajay dai, Prakash dai and Simran didi.

Later, we got to know that we were assigned to make a scratch project based on our Design Thinking topic with our Design Thinking team members. All of my team members were confused about how to start or even what to do! Then Ajay dai guided us. Still, we didn’t know how to create the codes. I did know how to make a story out of the codes, but it wasn’t enough because we were trying to make a quiz that was interesting to play. After a lot of struggles, we successfully completed our scratch project. Even though we had a lot of obstacles to face, we were still determined to finish our work and make our mentor proud. We also had to make our presentation, so we made the presentation.

I knew that to impress the judges, we needed to do something that would make us different. I thought for a while and I figured that all the other groups weren’t practicing or giving the time to present the presentation so I thought maybe if we could practice the line or explain the lines without continuously looking at the slide it could be beneficial for all of us. We all started practicing. On the last day of our Hackathon, we were so nervous but we couldn’t let all our efforts go in vain, so I encouraged my team members to calm down and do their best. As the other groups showed their presentation and project, it was finally our turn.

We were so nervous but we did our best and when we were showing our presentation we tried our best not to look at the screen. Later when the judges announced the winner it was my team, ‘The Sunshine Solar Energy’. We were so happy and excited. The judges chose us as the winners, our presentation skills were something that must have impressed them. We were also awarded with certificates and amazing gift hampers. At the end we thanked our mentors for the support. Our teachers and parents were also proud of us. It was the most memorable venture I had in my school days.

– Sitashma Khadgi

Grade 6

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