Educational Trip to Changunarayan

On 31st of Bhadra, Adhyayan School organized educational tour for the students of grade 9 and 10 under the supervision of Mrs. Durgeshwori Poudel, Mrs. Sabita Mallik, Mr. Dil Bahadur Bista and Mr. Suraj Tandukar. Our destination was Changunarayan Temple, Bhaktapur which is enlisted in world heritage site. Though it was a rainy day, but we all enjoyed a lot. The main objective of the trip was to make us aware about the importance of cultural heritage. We got to know that UNESCO is planning to remove Changunarayan Temple from world heritage site due to unmanaged surrounding of temple. We observed the bricks were thrown randomly everywhere and temple area was also not clean. I think local authorities also has not shown any concern to protect and preserve such an important heritage site which is directly associated with history of the nation. The trip inspired us to preserve and protect our cultural heritage as they are the matter of national pride.

Priya Pant
Grade X

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