The term ‘discipline’ means any training intended to develop moral character in order to produce a particular pattern of behaviors accepted by different institutions and society as a whole.  There are different dimensions of discipline we can experience in different walks of social life. As we all belong to a school family, we are following certain activities in the school premises in a particular order such as punctuality, wearing the prescribed uniform, abiding with the school rules, attending classes etc.

Sometimes, discipline may be misunderstood and misinterpreted by some people as rigid and fixed set of rules enforced by others and to be followed without any questions being asked. They feel that it is an encroachment to their freedom and rights. When we reflect different social instances, we find that an undisciplined person tends to fall prey to a lifestyle which can lead to his failure and doom. Discipline, thus, is inevitable as it gives direction to live life in a harmonious and orderly way.

The people who obey rules sincerely and honestly are called disciplined people. Those who do not follow social sanctions are said to be undisciplined. Obviously, discipline is an indicator of civilization. It always leads us to success whereas indiscipline leads us to failure and ruins our life. If we are disciplined, we gain respect everywhere which makes our life happy and prosperous.

To be disciplined is equally important to all everywhere. At school, students as well as teachers are expected to be in discipline. If any one of them fails to do so, teaching learning activity cannot take place in effective way. In order to organize an institution in a proper way, the concerned members of the institution are supposed to follow a recognized set of discipline.

Putting it in a nutshell, we expect the students of the Adhyayan Family to follow the following disciplinary behaviors

  • The students must reach school in proper school uniform, neatly dressed within the specified time.
  • Personal hygiene shall be given top priority like trimmed nails and hair with well-polished shoes along with proper school socks.
  • The medium of communication and language of instruction at Adhyayan School is English.
  • The students are expected to take their home assignments seriously meeting the deadline.
  • Students are expected to show respects to the adults and express their love towards their juniors at Adhyayan School.
  • Any kind of misconduct or the violation of the rules shall be reported to the disciplinary in charges of the school Mr. Dil Bahadur Bista and Miss Durgeshwori Poudel.


“Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance.”  Therefore if we wish to make our life successful, achieve our aim and gain respect in society, we must be disciplined. Every parent and teacher is expected to be a role model to their children and the children are supposed to be brought up in a disciplined environment if we hope to realize peaceful, cohesive and sustainable societal order.


Disciplinary In charge

Durgeshwori Poudel


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