Creative Computing For Students

Creative Computing is an interdisciplinary subject which integrates core computer courses with different subjects. It not only flourishes computer’s knowledge to students but also enhances their creativity. Nowadays, many youths are only interested in playing games, gazing YouTube and using Facebook rather than in coding and programming. Therefore, creative computing develops student’s connection to computing by focusing upon their interest (how their interest can be combined with computer) and imagination. And, gaining Creative Computing knowledge makes student computational thinker who can solve their real life problems because creative computing teaches student not to focus on result, just try to enjoy and concentrate on process. Also, it teaches us to solve problems by breaking down into smaller components and fixing it step by step.
Being computer teachers in Adhyayan School, me and my co-teacher (Kamana Thapa) have been instructing creative computing to students. We have just finished our first creative computing topic- ‘Scratch (Game designing)’. Scratch is online community where students can learn to code and create their own game and share their projects. In future, we are thinking of designing our own syllabus focusing more on creative computing courses. Furthermore, Adhyayan School is planning to develop partnership with is a non-profit organization and eponymous website led by Hadi Partovi that aims to encourage people, particularly school students to learn computer science) .

What students say about Computer Knowledge and Creative Computing?

Bishal Pandey (Grade 7) : Scratch is very interesting. I am learning about coding and programming. We can make 2D games in Scratch. We can create different games and share with people across the world. I wish if there was 3D backdrops too in scratch.

Rajendra Sapkota (Grade 7): With the help of Scratch and our tutor, I learnt about programming language, how programming language works, what is coding etc. And with the help of scratch we can create many interesting and educational games. 

Some of our students have created and designed their own games using Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) online community. You can click beneath hyperlink to see and play some of the games developed by students.

– By Nirajan Rijal, Head of Computer Department


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