A Visit to an Orphanage

On Bhadra 28th, 2075 B.S., the students of Grade VI, VII and VIII had a wonderful trip to “Our Child Protection Foundation, Nepal.” It is situated at Dhapasi. We reached there at 10 AM. We spent our most of the time at the venue. We organized a musical programme where the students along with the members of the organization were participants. We enjoyed singing, dancing and sharing various jokes like “Aalu of Bihar.” We collected clothes and cash from our teachers and friends and donated them to the children. We were glad to spend time with at risk children and their caretakers. The children are still living an awful life. We did not know how quickly time passed. We developed so much attachment to them that we promised to see them again and departed with a heavy heart carrying strong determination to help them in future as well. Above all, the visit was eye opening. Such an exposer eased us to understand different dimensions of our society.

– Aayusha Tiwari, Grade VII

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