A Trip to Tiger Lily

On 22nd Ashwin 2075, the preschoolers with Grade I and II of Adhyayan School went on an educational tour to Tiger Lily, Bhaktapur. Our children got to learn about the farm animals and how their daily activities are connected with our lives. They got practical knowledge on the food of the animals, their dwellings and their use. They fed grains to hens and horses, grass to buffalo, cow, sheep and goats. The horse riding was a major attraction other than the tractor ride. Besides learning about animals, they also learned about our traditional village activities. They saw the tools used for measurement (like mana, paathi),making of mohiout of curd, process of making rice and beaten rice and also our traditional way of marriage where even our children got an opportunity to feel the coziness of palanquin. They also saw how electricity is generated from water. This way they had a day filled with fun and enjoyment.


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