A Heritage Walk to Patan

On 5th October 2018, we (students of Grade III, IV and V of Adhyayan School) went to Patan for a heritage walk. In the beginning, we observed Asoka Stupa which is situated at Lagankhel.  It was built by King Asoka of Magadha in India.We walked a kilometer towards north.  We got an opportunity to observe Maha Buddha. There were numerous statues of Lord Buddha. We also observed different arts and artifacts and realized that the people of Patan are well-known and developed in art. Finally, we entered the castles of Malla Kings and the Museum. We saw unique carving and statues. We sensed how the Malla Kings had led their life.  As the day was replete with fun, we did not know how fast the day was spent.

-Biswash Malla, Grade V

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